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Being Your Own Health Advocate Through Self Care (Part 1)

I think there's this stigma around self care that it has to be expensive and fancy. That it's only for people with money and time. I strongly disagree. I believe that self care is the key to preventative, or proactive healthcare. I believe that a strong self care regimen can keep us out of what I call "reactive medicine". Unfortunately, Western Medicine IS reactive medicine. We see doctors when something is wrong; wrong with our skin, our mental well-being, our digestion, etc. The doctors spend minutes listening to symptoms, diagnosing the problem, and writing a prescription. We are sent on our way in less than an hour with nothing more than a band-aid. We are inundated with prescription drug commercials during all our TV shows. "Oh, you can't sleep? We've got a pill for that!" No one ever asks WHY you can't sleep. We don't have a healthcare system in this country. We have a 'sick-care' system. We cannot rely on a 'sick-care' system that is only designed to fix what is wrong.

There are little things that we can do every day to keep ourselves out of the doctors office and out living the lives we have always dreamed for ourselves. One of these "little things" is eating. We don't often think of eating as a form of self care, but I would argue that its the HIGHEST form of self care. The food we put into our bodies is so important. It can either nourish us, or not. When we eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and varied in bright colors, our bodies respond in kind. Its no coincidence that we feel so good after eating that big salad for lunch. Think if you ate that salad every day? Brain fog would disappear and you'd be able to concentrate more and increase your productivity. You might sleep better and have more energy during the day to live a fulfilling life. Several salads later, your life becomes something in which you no longer need to escape.

There's that saying we all know, "You are what you eat". I think that saying has been around for so long because its SO TRUE. It's not just the types of foods we eat, but the QUALITY of the food as well. All life on this planet has energy, including plants and animals. When we ingest these plants and animals, we absorb their energy. When we eat industrial farmed animals who live in confined spaces, tortured, and neglected-we ingest those energies. When we eat lab grown plants sprayed with pesticides that have never felt the sunlight on their little plant bodies-we ingest those energies. On the flip side, when we consume plants and animals that have been ethically raised and lovingly tended by the hands of a hard-working farmer, we ingest all that love and happiness. It becomes a part of us on a cellular level. There's a reason that organic, grass-fed burger tastes so damn good. It came from a happy cow. There's a reason that wild berries found on the side of a rural road taste better than anything you can find in a grocery store. Their energies are drastically different (and more positive) than those who are forced to live a dismal life.

It's incredibly empowering when we realize the key to our own happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction, and optimal health is in the next bite of food we take. Food is a daily choice that shows our meatsuit how much we love and appreciate all that it does for us. Food can keep us out of the reactive medicine madness that we've grown to accept as normal healthcare in this country. Food puts us in charge of our own destinies. THAT is the most powerful self care of all.

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